Wrice Financial Group

Wrice Financial Group offers a service of wealth management for clients seeking a liquid investment with short-term cashflow or long-term capital preservation. Our team uses artificial intelligence and mathematical analysis to produce high probability returns in the Foreign Exchange and Futures markets. Earn a steady high yield dividend on an investment portfolio with us.

Foreign Exchange
Forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world, trading over $7.5 Trillion per day
Risk Management
Money management system in place to ensure funds are never over leveraged or at risk of depletion
Market Neutral
We safely continue to produce revenue in times of both bull and bear markets
Years in Business
Assets Under Management

Why invest with us?

✔  0% Management Fee

✔  80/20 Profit Split

✔  No cap on earnings

✔  No cap on investment amount

✔  Taxed at Capital Gains rate

✔  High yield return

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